Zeppelin Art Car: The Spirit of Perry Windsor


I helped design and transform an art car into a zeppelin for Burning Man 2013. I created the concept art, designed all the Kickstarter rewards, as well as conceptualized the bottom shape of the zeppelin. The bottom design was a difficult challenge, since I had never designed a structural three-dimensional shape. 



Concept Art



"Sketching" the bottom shape

For initial concepting, I “sketched” out the design using a simple method of stretching yarn from different points. This allowed me to work out the necessary angles that would inform the length and angles of the metal struts.

Once the struts were fabricated, we measured polyurethane fabric to each shape and cut and grommeted each piece, so that it could be easily reassembled. 


Kickstarter Rewards


The final art car never quite looked like the initial design, but it was still a fun project and process.

Final Art Car

Final Art Car