Below is a selection of personal design projects I’ve worked on over the years.



Bike Party T-Shirt Design

I was approached by Bike Party, a mobile party on bike (not affiliated with Critical Mass), and asked to create a new design for a t-shirt. The design direction was open ended, but they wanted something that incorporated the original Bike Party logo and that emphasized inclusivity which was a challenge because the original logo is quite detailed.

I love the symmetry in the logo and have always felt bike parts have a certain mechanical beauty to them. I began creating patterns with different bike parts and channeled an Art Nouveau style and layout.


 Bike Party produced several hundred screen printed t-shirts. T-shirts are one of Bike Party's main fundraising tactics to help ensure the music bike, speakers and organizing of the monthly events happen.



Zeppelin Art Car: The Spirit of Perry Windsor


I helped design and transform an art car into a zeppelin for Burning Man 2013. I created the concept art, designed all the Kickstarter rewards, as well as conceptualized the bottom shape of the zeppelin. The bottom design was a difficult challenge, since I had never designed a structural three-dimensional shape. 


Concept Art


"Sketching" the bottom shape

For initial concepting, I “sketched” out the design using a simple method of stretching yarn from different points. This allowed me to work out the necessary angles that would inform the length and angles of the metal struts.

Once the struts were fabricated, we measured polyurethane fabric to each shape and cut and grommeted each piece, so that it could be easily reassembled. 


Kickstarter Rewards



Blood Meridian Key Art Design

I created a key art for the hypothetical movie, Blood Meridian, a book originally by Cormac McCarthy. 

I designed this around one of the main characters, the Judge, a terrifying God-like figure. His origins are unknown and we are not sure if he is immortal or man. The story takes place the Southwest and the landscape, bleak and harsh plays an important role. 

I designed this with the Judge and the landscape in mind - I wanted him front and center, but a part of the landscape, as they are both merciless and omnipresent. 

The three men on horse back - in the center - are bandits that ride with the Judge.