Chairish & DECASO: UX/UI Product Designer


I contracted as a UX/UI product designer for Chairish for about one year.

My role included:

  • Interaction Design

  • Designing for iOS

  • Designing for responsive mobile/web

  • Conducting user tests and research



Chairish is a peer-to-peer marketplace for vintage furniture, art, and home decor. Think Craigslist with a concierge service and a much more visually beautiful site.

DECASO is Chairish's sister site. Short for The Decorative Arts Society, DECASO is an online platform for luxury vintage furniture and art. DECASO launched in November 2016.


Chairish & DECASO iOS App

iOS Home Screen & Search Screen Redesign


 As part of the product team, I led the UX design including user interviews, affinity mapping, user testing and wireframing for both the Chairish and DECASO home screens.

Chairish Homepage

Chairish Homepage

Chairish Search Screen

Chairish Search Screen

DECASO Homepage

DECASO Homepage

DECASO Search Screen

DECASO Search Screen



View In Your Space

View In Your Space, a recent augmented reality feature, allows users to "view" items in their homes using nothing more than the Chairish or DECASO app, and their devices' cameras. I worked closely with another designer and app developer to ensure the UX and UI were solid from the beginning to end. We conducted user testing with a working prototype so we could adjust our designs accordingly before release.

The feature was a hit and was mentioned in:


Sign Up & Sign In Flow

A smaller iOS project I worked on with our app developer was creating a smoother Sign up & Sign in flow for both Chairish and DECASO. One of the key interaction design aspects was allowing the users to flip between creating and account and signing in without reloading a screen and loosing the users information.


Redesigning the iOS filter

Issues with the Old Filter

  1. Poor use of screen space
  2. Multiple pages within the filter, user would get lost when applying filters
  3. Confusion between "REFINE" & "SORT"
  4. Colors swatches were not helpful


New Filter

  • The app filter now resembles the web/mobile site, so there was more familiarity when users used the filters
  • "REFINE" was changed to "SORT", and the "Sort" order (price, etc)would display to provide more clarity. 


Mobile/Web Responsive Screens

I worked on many small and larger projects for mobile/web including design changes to improve SEO and designing a better filter experience. 


DECASO tablet size filter

We decided the filter would take up half the screen. I designed the UI to appear larger at tablet size so the filters would feel more tap-able.

Some of the design changes I made previously for the iOS filter, such as the color layout were applied to mobile/web.