BitKeeper Branding & Website Redesign


Project: Website & Branding Redesign

Role: Art Director & Lead Designer

Team: glassCanopy


BitKeeper is a software tool for distributed revision control of computer source code. I worked closely with the BitKeeper team to create diagrams, a visual representation of the BitKeeper GUI graph, a new color palette and a new responsive website - an entire new visual ecosystem.



Rebranding and Logo Redesign

I collaborated with BitKeeper to redesign their logo, and gave it a fresh, modern look while still referencing the original logo.


Logo Iterations

The logo final redesign ended up being a simple transformation, however there were many iterations  along the way.


Sketches to final design 

The founder of BitKeeper originally designed the logo and he wished to keep much of the basic shape.


Color Palette

  • Logo was comprised of three blue shades. The client originally wanted a gradient, but I suggested a flat color route and chose 3 varying shades of blue that suggested a gradient.
  • The blues, green and orange were vivid enough to appear on light, medium dark background which made them versatile.
  • Orange was only used for a CTA/button
Screenshot 2017-06-15 15.59.42.png


Infographic demonstrating the four core strengths of BitKeeper


Pricing Page


Icons & Graphics


Landing Pages


When the site launched, I designed a series of landing pages to coincide with the launch, as well as booth and signage design for their presence at QCon.


QCon Signage & Tell Us Where It Hurts Campaign